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FRIENDS ONLY. [Feb. 2nd, 2019 at 11:15 pm]

Comment to be Added!
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2018 at 10:34 pm]

This section is where I will post my STALKER BITCHES for the world to see, public. And no, I don"t care how you feel about it.Collapse )
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In case anyone forgot what I look like. ^_^ [Jan. 14th, 2014 at 04:40 pm]

I never post anymore, but I swear I read everyone. <3
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So, this happened. [Apr. 7th, 2013 at 01:05 pm]
For my Aidenbear, my beautiful nephew, my Shining Star. <3

December 13, 2009 - 3/9/1013

The most beautiful boy you could ever meet. This baby almost never cried - I think I heard him actually cry ONCE at the end, when he woke up in pain. His meds were adjusted later that day and all was good again.

For him, I did this:




Auntie Lizziey loves you Aiden. Your memory lives strong in my heart. <3
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2012 at 12:58 am]
LOLOLOL Carizma is trolling me 3 years later!
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(no subject) [May. 3rd, 2012 at 07:28 pm]
I find it highly amusing that someone who supposedly cares oh so little would make a public post just for me. I feel uncared about! Really! ♥
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Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon [Apr. 21st, 2012 at 12:00 pm]
First update!Collapse )

Update 2!Collapse )

Update 3!Collapse )

Update 4!Collapse )

Update 5!

Finished McNally's Caper, and now 4 pages away from finishing "Sold". Yay! Finishing this up and heading to bed. I have a tired and my eyes hurt, likely from doing this read-a-thon on my tablet. Eeps. <3
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Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon [Apr. 20th, 2012 at 11:15 pm]
I'm reading tomorrow, all day. :)

I’m really excited to join this time!

Books I plan on reading:

Circle of Magic book 1 (light reading)
Son of a Witch
Circle of Magic book 2 (LR)
A Lion Among Men
Circle of Magic book 3 (LR)
Circle of Magic book 4 (LR)

Hopefully 7 is enough. :)
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Fire donations [Mar. 17th, 2012 at 07:48 pm]
As some of you know, I moved about 2 months ago. Last night, there was a really bad fire. When I say bad, I mean it.

This is what is left of my old home:

As you can see, you can see the sky through the walls. Its badbad.

Those of us who used to live there are taking donations for those who were still there when this happened. That includes some of the following:
There were 6 different children living in the entire place ranging from baby-11 years old. One especially older woman, and a gentleman who was taking care of his mentally disabled wife, daughter, and grandson. Its not a pretty situation. :( There were also animals.

If you would like to donate, and are able to, please please do!!! They need so much help right now. :(

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So, as usual, yes I lurked over on fawns journal to see if there may possibly be a new picture or something of Wylie Benjamin. So I'm lazy and don't log out first. Ah well.

Well I saw this today (I hadn't checked in a few days):

So, lets cover the history of this, shall we?Collapse )

WELL BITCH. I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU. I know your address (hello whitepages.com!), you yourself gave me your phone number. I have the names of your friends and family. I have photos of you, your husband, all of your animals and more importantly: the filth around your house. The scratches and bruises on your child from all of the animals you have. I have friends who are watching out for you so they can see the dog and make sure he is ok, because you cannot be trusted at all. I am not threatening violence of any sort, but do know you're being monitored to ensure the safety of an animal who was rescued once from asshole owners. We have no problem rescuing him again if it comes to it, whether you relinquish him willingly or not. I have no problem getting Animal control involved. I can guarantee you do not follow many of the laws in Buffalo, NY including how MANY animals you can have in a home (you're over that limit!), or this one:
§ 78-19. Restraint on premises.
Each owner of a dog which is kept on the premises, unless such dog is in his or her immediate custody, shall keep it muzzled, securely fastened or otherwise restrained in such manner as to prevent such dog from biting any person lawfully entering upon or leaving such premises.

Sure, its a stupid law. Will I use it to my advantage to remove Wylie from your custody? YES I FUCKING WILL. Start updating me and stop spreading lies about me bitch, or you will have a very rude awakening.

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Really? Am I the only one who hears "WELL I WAS GUNNA SHARE MY COOKIE BUT NOW I'M NOT CUZ UR MEEEEEEN" in a really annoying 6 year olds voice? When said six year old had no intentions of sharing said cookie? Surely I cannot be.
All of a sudden when I have outted her for the slag bitch that she is, she pulls this? LOL sweetheart, this is not elementary school. This is a breach of verbal contract that I have several pages of PROOF of. Wise up, cupcake, before we move to our new home. Because I have NO PROBLEM going to civil court over this. He was given to you with the agreement that you would provide updates. You broke that agreement, so guess what that means? Fuck off with your immature bullshit.

Edit: And ftr, me editing out your number doesn't mean I no longer have it. =]

Another message u guize!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A) No, you moronic little duckfaced slag, you didn't. You gave me ONE update, and then banned me. That is not "quite a bit" cupcake. And it was 3 months ago.
No, you haven't changed your number. Why don't you ask how I know? =]
And that icon? A lie. If you didn't give a fuck then why do you keep posting, hunny? Yeah, thought so. Stupid cuntfaced bitch.

A new message!
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Wow, look at all that profanity!! Looks like someone is VERY defensive and sensitive right now! Imagine that.
Texts/Calls: Bitch, I've not called or sent you a text since the day we unfortunately dropped him off with you (might I mention that WITH GPS you STILL were too stupid to find the place. Pathetic.)
Claiming you updated: No, you didn't. Moreover, you deleted an "anon" post? YOU DUMB SLAG YOU CAN'T DELETE ANON POSTS OR ANON COMMENTS OUTSIDE OF YOUR OWN JOURNAL. And if you replied to an anon comment to anything I've said, I would have received an email, anon or not. AND you can't comment anon in my journal, so. So unless you mean "I was GOING to, but deleted it" you're lying. Which you seem to be great at! And I'm not threatening, you duckfaced bitch, I'm PROMISING.
"Cry more": We'll see who is crying when I go to court after we move to our new place. Keep in mind, ALL OF THIS IS DOCUMENTED. I have no deleted a single message, a single comment, NOTHING. It is ALL backed up. I have all the proof I need that you agreed to keep us updated, several time, and have failed to do so. Your own failure is proved in all your responses. I hope its worth it, sweetheart, when Autumn is crying because you were too fucking stupid to honor your word and keep us updated on Wylie. And sorry, no matter how much of a bitch name you give him, he's not "Raven".

She is very seriously mentally deficient I think.
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Sweetheart, I understand that it is really really hard for you to read, but try ok? UpdateS has the letter S, making it PLURAL. Plural means more than one. You YOURESELF used the term "regular updateS" (your exact words: And trust me, if he goes with me you'll get regular updates :)). Regular, means regularly, often. Updates. updateS. Plural. Do you understand plural sweetcheeks? I don't think so. And no, nothing was signed, hence the term VERBAL CONTRACT. Pretty hard to sign that, eh? They are able to be used in court if you have proof of said verbal agreement, WHICH I DO. Moron. Google it bitch. Your offer to take Wylie was accepted by me, with the consideration of REGULAR UPDATES AND PHOTOS. Those are the only three requirements for a legally binding verbal contract.
Again, I know its really. really. REALLY. hard for you to understand that words have meanings, but eventually you're going to have to come to terms with that.
Autumn will be crying when your stupidity loses you that dog.
As for the rest: LOLOLOLLLLLLL I can't believe you're that stupid. And you made a huge update and blah blah blah? For what? Your measly two friends? Oh ok. Big whoop.
Hunny, I understand that you're pissed for getting called out as the lying slut dognapping fuckface that you are. I understand how hard it is for your true self to be shown here in glaring clarity. But you brought it upon yourself. I cared for that dog more than you ever could with your animal collection that you're constantly adding to (animals and kids). You're over the legal limit in your area. A+ job!! I got rid of him because I was illegally forced to, which I can prove to a judge. :)
OH OH OH. And deleting the icon of Wylie? Pointless.
The mislabeled and lying icon: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Oh yea, and one more thing right now:
I have to laugh at how you weren't saying a damned word until I mentioned (rightfully) that I will be taking legal action. Funny how NOW you're scared enough to say something right? Good.

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That's not going to happen. I am not making empty threats. I will be pursuing legal avenues to retrieve the animal because you broke a legally binding verbal contract. Sucks for you. Hope you're able to feed 3 dogs, 4 cats, and 2 kids with the legal costs you're going to have. :D

BTW cupcake, I'm going to bed. Who wants to take bets that she'll "post an update" and then magically delete it before morning. I wonder if she's too stupid to realize I have said if she'd simply update us regularly, AS SHE HERSELF SAID SHE WOULD DO, this would all go away. Hm. ANYWAY. BETS. COME ON.

Update: *gigglesnort* She has since deleted all of her icons, and her 2 profile counters. Not having an LJ doesn't change anything, however. I still have all of her IRL information, and that is all I need. =] Oh, and Jennifer? I made sure to save both new WYLIE icons you had posted last night, so deleting them? Pointless, just like everything else you've thought of in trying to retaliate. I'm sorry you're upset, but maybe if you weren't a raging lying bitch, this wouldn't be happening to you. Sad, sorry persecuted you. :(

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Lets go through this bit by bit shall we?
Section one: So you're telling me to come get him...and then threatening me that if I do I will be "in court"? WHEN THAT IS WHAT I WANT? You're a fucking moron, plain and simple. Sheridan Dr isn't that hard to find, sweetheart. I won't post the rest of your address because you'll just go running to LJA about it again. And I'm sure you'll say "I DON'T LIVE THERE ANYMORE OMGGGGG HAHAHHAHAHAHA" except don't forget, you showed me pictures before I gave Wylie too you. And I can see the same backyard on google earth. =] FTR, inviting someone to your home to pick something up, and then trying to call the cops on them for taking you up on that offer? They'd laugh your ass back into the house.

Section two: I *want* your children to starve? I did not say that. I said if you don't smarten up, and start sending regular updates AS PER THE AGREEMENT, then I will go to court to get him back AND sue for the legal costs. I won't pay for YOUR bullshit causing us to go to court. MY kids will not go hungry because of YOUR stupidity. And being a "cunt" to everyone possible? Who is this everyone? Its just you, cupcake. The lying duckbilled dognapping slag that you are. No one else. :) And I'm sure you've read the comments. They agree with me, not you. YOU are the selfish one here. Maybe if you can take a step (waddle?) back, you'd see that. Or are you too stupid?

section three: And yet, you're posting and posting. Looks like you're drug into this shit that YOU created by being a goddamned thief.

section four: Already addressed this.

section five: This wasn't a win and lose situation. You're too stupid to understand that though, for which I'm sorry. This was a "smarten the fuck up and FULFILL YOUR PART OF THE DAMNED AGREEMENT or return the animal". I doubt being with Daniel and I, that Wylie would be confused. As for someone confusing him, lets pull up this FB comment from you, shall we?
Jennifer *. ******* commented on her status:
"Noo, no changes! We're keeping Wiley :) He answers to that, I figured it'd be too confusing for him to learn a new name. Plus I love it! It's close to Riley, which is my fave name ever :) The neighbor dog's name is Riley, and when I call Wiley it confuses him, lol."

So I don't know where the fuck you think you get off saying *I* am confusing him when you outright SAID changing his name of 2 years would confuse him, and YOU WENT AND DID THAT. Fuck off, sweetheart. Remember, I delete NOTHING. And again you saying I'm being a "Goddamn immature selfish CUNT" to everyone? I'm not. Just to you. And look at that, again, they agree with me that YOU are the one being immature, selfish, and a bitch/cunt. Imagine that! You don't know how I have ANY friends? Sweetheart, you have TWO. I have nearly 70, and that is after several friends cuts. And again saying I'm threatening. I'm threatening nothing, I am PROMISING you that if you do not start updating us and cut your shit, princess, I will bring you to court.
As for immaturity, lets look at some of your comments from this message alone shall we?
fat ugly ass (plenty agree I'm nowhere near ugly, and as for fat, bitch you're six months pregnant? YOU'RE NO STRING BEAN YOURSELF)
WHORE (wouldn't I need to be having sex with several people? And being paid for it? Yay misplaced slut-shaming! Aren't you proud!)
ugly fat ass (again? Get something new!)
goddamned immature selfish CUNT (deity name using, projecting x2, and a gendered insult! IMPRESSIVE!!!)
Fucking selfish slob. Go fucking die. (Selfish? That's you in not updating us. Slob? I've seen pictures of your house. Go die? No thanks, I like reminding you of what a slag bitch you are!!)
stupid cow (really?)
WHY YES!!! AREN'T YOU THE MATURE ONE!!! Yeah, no, cupcake, you're not. And you're just making yourself look worse.

section six: Pretty sure we covered this in section five.

Section seven: Do you honestly think my kids read my LJ? Really really? Woooooooow. And what "anon" post? Do you know what anon means? I'd wager no. This is a PUBLIC post. Idiot.

Section eight: Thank you, I will!! That way, when I get him back if I do it outside of court, I will have a record of the fact that you told me to!! Or is that not what you planned with this? Backfiring already isn't it? I have someone that lives THREE BLOCKS from you, who would have NO PROBLEM coming and retrieving Wylie for me next week, when we have the gas money to travel there and back. =] Wait...that's not what you want to hear is it? Again I say, this could all have been avoided if you'd not been a stupid slag and broken the agreement. All I asked at first was that you reinstate the updates. Apparently typing a bunch of stupid nonsensical invalid bullshit is more to your liking that sending me an email once a month or so, though. So we'll see what happens? :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
More lies, but that doesn't surprise me. :) (Adding: you're gonna tell me the pictures you labeled as "our new house" and "our new backyard" which look exactly like the place I listed are now wrong and the "front yard" of an apartment building? With your kid's swing set in it? Oh. Right. Ok.)
AND EVEN MORE LIES. I never blocked you. You blocked me. So there is no reason that you have to post on your journal because I "blocked you". Why do you insist on lying so much? Just...why.
And anon post? What Anon post? Anon means "anonymous", unnamed, unlabeled. This is a public post. Nothing about it is Anon.
And how about this? Since YOU were the one who fucked up royally, and wish for nobody to see the proof, you update me. When I get a sufficient update (and that includes photos), then I will get rid of this entry. YOU are the one who owes something, not me. I should not have to do something first to make you do what is right. Hell, I shouldn't have had to do this AT ALL, but you were unable to come to terms with the fact that Wylie had a wonderful home and loving family before you took him. I am not the one who screwed up. So when you fix your screw up, I will remove this. I will not cave and message you on your page, no thank you. You were the one supposed to update me, I shouldn't have to fucking beg.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Really cupcake? Because you deleted me, no warning, and when I commented and asked, you did not answer, instead deleting it and banning me. I left an anonymous comment, which you did not answer, just deleted it and turned off commenting. THEN you made a post stating "Wylie DOES eat dry food, and he does ok in water. SOME PEOPLE JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF DOGS AND SHOULD NEVER EVER HAVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" implying he was neglected or abused here because we catered to his odd little whims. So no, you're STILL in the wrong, sweetheart. Updates, or court. Your choice. I don't have to do a thing to get the already promised updates. You don't get to add stipulations later. I understand you feel like you're losing some kind of ground here. And you are: no one who can see this has any respect for you because of what you have done, and how you've chosen to address the issue.

And one more thing: This is it. Last time I'm saying it. I'm not taking this down until I have a sufficient update IN MY INBOX. Meaning, I am not going to accept one on your page. This is last call, or when we move, I go to court. Simple as that.
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